Fri. Jul 9th, 2021

About Yokota

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Hi everyone! Yokota here and Welcome to my website SPORTS&FITNESS:) Bungee jumping

I want to share my story here as to what made me create this site.

From my childhood, I was very active in sports and to be honest, was never good and interested in anything else.

From the age of 7, I was part of the karate team of my school winning various competitions. Joining the cricket and football (soccer) teams of my high school made me dream to be a professional sports player (especially football). In my early years, I was determined to be a professional cricket player. But as I moved to Japan, my focus was subconsciously diverted to football.

Nothing more excites me than to buying the latest football shoes, uniforms and the related goods. Keeping up with my favorite teams is still my biggest hobby. However, as I grew older, I also turned my head towards working out and building my body, just like many of my inspirational players. From there I got very interested in looking out for the gym wear and all the other goods that go with it.

Note: It may sound like I am only into cricket, football and gym but I take interest in pretty much anything that is related to sports.



More than to just introduce and trying to sell various sports products and services to people, I want to share my personal

experiences and create this mutual understanding within the world of sports in order to enjoy this sole journey of exploring and looking out for the latest kits, shoes, workout routines etc.

I believe sports is one thing that we all should not take for granted as it brings out the best in people. It squeezes out a lot of passionate emotions, connects people and above all, keeps you fit and healthy that naturally lifts our mood and we feel good about ourselves. Ultimately, boosting our self-confidence.

Get what you want and without a doubt, grab the BEST

I would encourage as I motivate myself all the time to improve your physical health as it directly connects to your mental health. It is so much fun and fulfilling when we follow a particular sport and passionately support a team, wearing its uniforms and connecting to the people with a common passion is the best feeling ever.

Let’s find those people and create a community to share this amazing niche of sports and fitness to build a relationship of fulfillment as I believe that there is no substitute to the joy of mutual understanding of people around us.


Please feel free to comment as your comments will only improve the website. Also feel free to bash in the critics as well!







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